Tips to Stored Wheelchair

Knowing the right way to store and move a wheelchair from one place to another is an important part of the wheelchair's preservation to keep the wheelchair durable and usable for a long time. This wheelchair care is not only for the user but also for the accompanying companion. If you are looking for Electric Wheelchairs, you can visit our website and find a wheelchair that suits your needs and comfort. Find out the best way to determine the wheelchair that suits your needs. Here are some wheelchair storage tips:

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- When not in use for a long time, fold the wheelchair and wrap it with a plastic cover, then store in a place that is not moist in order not to cause mold or rust. If the type of wheelchair cannot be folded should still be wrapped and stored in a clean and dry place.

- If cleaning or lubricating a wheelchair before saving it and the chair is the folded type do not fold it while still in a damp state. Wait until each part and surface is completely dry before folding and storing it so it does not mold or smell bad.

- Store electric wheelchairs especially when the wheelchair is stored in a closed place, make sure the storage is not moist or often passed mice. Humidity and rats can cause damage to electrical components, such as shorting due to wet cords or a rat bite.

- Do not keep the wheelchair where the dust will easily pile up, for example, under the bed and in direct contact with the floor. Even if forced to save the place make sure that the wheelchair is wrapped tightly plastic (if necessary multiple copies) so that there is no dust buildup in some components.

- Make sure the wheelchair is tightly closed if you want to move it from one place to another place a long distance. This is especially true for electric wheelchairs, do not let the components broken or experience shorting due to rain splashing when moved.

- If you want to move the folded wheelchair inside the vehicle, make sure the folded wheelchair is not crushed by other objects.

- If you want to use a shield for a wheelchair, this protector is only used to coat the outside of the wheelchair wheel before the wheelchair is used to exit the house and must pass through wet or muddy terrain. In addition to helping the home floor to keep clean, the protector can also protect the wheels from mud and dirt.